Ahead of the election results, the campaign team of US President Donald Trump has threatened to file a nationwide lawsuit to “expose the election corruption” perpetrated by the Democratic Party. Trump attorney’s Rudy Giuliana, during a press conference, said, “We are going to continue the lawsuit here [in Philadelphia]. Then we’re going to bring a second one and then we’re going to bring a federal lawsuit and then we’re going to take a good look at whether we’re bringing this nationally.” “We are certainly going to bring it here and in Wisconsin, quite possibly we’ll do a national lawsuit,” he added.

Voting has closed in the US and all eyes are on the vote counting to decide the race for the White House between incumbent President Trump and his rival, veteran Democrat Joe Biden. Democratic presidential nominee Biden has garnered a lead of 220 electoral votes against Trump’s 213 votes in the US presidential polls, according to current projections by CNN on Wednesday.

To win the presidency, either Trump or Biden must acquire over 50 per cent of the electoral college vote, which is 538 in total. Therefore, each candidate must get a minimum of 270 electoral votes to clinch the presidency. Biden is projected to win Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois, New Hampshire and New Mexico.

California has one of the biggest shares in the Electoral College, with 55 votes, while Illinois also has a significant contribution with 20. Biden is also projected to win Colorado, Connecticut, Vermont, Delaware, Washington, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. According to the projections, Trump is expected to win Wyoming, Missouri, Utah, and Kansas.