Iran shot down a US military drone after it entered its territory on Thursday June 20. According to the reports, the incident is likely to fuel a war between the United States (US) and Iran. Warning the US, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps chief Major General Hussein Salami said that Iran does not want to engage in war with any country, but is all set to answer the enemy in every possible manner. While on the other side, the US official said claimed that the drone wasn’t shot down in the Iranian territory and was targeted when it was flying over the Strait of Hormuz, CNN reported.

Reacting to the tense situation and war like circumstances, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a US military attack on Iran would be a catastrophe for the Middle East that would trigger a surge in violence and a possible refugee exodus.

Russian President said that Moscow believed Tehran was in full compliance with its nuclear commitments and called sanctions against Iran groundless. Putin noted that Iran has abided by the terms of a nuclear deal despite the US withdrawal, adding that he considers US sanctions against Iran unfounded.

The US Central command today confirmed that Iran shot down an unarmed and unmanned US RQ-4A Global Hawk drone when it was flying over the Strait of Hormuz . After which, US President Donald Trump tweeted that Iran made a very big mistake.

The tensions were sparked last week, when tankers were attacked near the Strait of Hormuz. Washington had accused Iran for the attack, while Iran denied the allegations.  

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