The United States has attacked Iran’s computers responsible for the handling of Rockets and ballistic missiles in retaliation to the downing of US drone by Tehran. The reports confirm that attacks were carried out after the approval from the white house. Various reports suggest that the US specifically targeted computers dealing with the mines in the Strait of Hormuz where two international oil tankers were destroyed last week.

The United States has accused Iran of provoking the tension and war in the region by attacking the tankers in international water and the US drone in international airspace. There are contradicting arguments from both the sides about the location of the drone where it was downed by missiles from Islamic revolutionary guard corps, Iran’s premier military services, called a terrorist organisation by Washington April this year. Donald Trump’s administration says that the drone was hit in international airspace whereas Iran has clarified that it violated Iran’s sovereign rights.

The national security adviser to the president Donald Trump is on a tour to Israel and he warned Iran against conceiving US’s prudence for weakness and said the US will not back down if the crisis deepens by the Islamic regime of Iran. The presence of NSA in Israel when the warning was dished out to Tehran is significant as Israel and Iran share an unprecedented level of animosity between each other.

The tension is brewing in West Asia since the time the US walked away from the much negotiated, Obama era Joint Comprehensive plan of action in may last year. Donald trump’s administration has been particularly severe on Tehran in last one year imposing sanctions of greatest economic values. The united states administration has vowed to put maximum pressure against the Hasan Rouhani’s regime by imposing harshest sanctions.


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