In an ongoing major tussle between the United States and Iran over the nuclear deal, US president Donald Trump has issued a fresh warning to Iran to better be careful on nuclear enrichment. US President while talking to reporters in New Jersey said that Iran must better be careful because they enrich for only one reason, which is no good.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said in a tweet that Iran will face more sanctions in response to the expected breach of the nuclear stockpile limit cap set in the nuclear deal. 

Iran had earlier said that it was hours away from breaching the nuclear stockpile cap set as in the nuclear deal. It also threatened to violate more of its commitments, unless efforts are made to save the deal and a solution is found in accordance with the landmark 2015 agreement between all the parties.

The US had withdrawn itself out of the Iran nuclear deal last year by terming it as a grave blunder on America’s part to be a part of such deal. Just a few days back, US President Donald Trump had warned Iran of playing with fire when Iran claimed that it has exceeded the uranium stockpile limit. 

The International community has appealed for descalation from both the US and Iran side and have asked them to come to a mutually acceptable agreement. The UN has asked Iran to abide by the commitments made under the nuclear deal. Iran, whose oil exports and financial businesses suffered huge losses post the US sanctions has asked the international community and other partners of the deal – Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany to mediate and help Tehran in dealing with the US sanctions. 

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