US President Donald Trump said ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died like a dog and a coward. Trump had said that the United States brought the world’s deadliest terrorists to justice. The Lastest development was announced by President Donald Trump himself. He also said Baghdadi was killed after igniting his vest which he was wearing. He said Baghdadi killed himself and his three children also.

The US military on Saturday had conducted a raid in northwest Syria during the night. Baghdadi was killed along with his companions during the fight. Reports said around 8 US helicopters carrying army personnel attacked the ISIS leader who was hiding in Idlib province with his family.

Reports said Donald Trump was watching the situation at the White House with vice president Mike Pence, Mark Milley and other military generals and CIA officials. The ISIS terrorist was tracked by the CIA for several weeks. The input was also provided by the CIA about his whereabouts.

Earlier this month, the US downgraded all the economic ties with Turkey. Donald Trump had said that Turkey is involved in the killing of Kurdish forces. The US had also pulled out its forces from Syria.

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The fear to lose a war against ISIS in Syria led to the US to kill the Baghdadi and decode the news to the world about the deadliest terrorist. Reports said the US had informed Turkey and Russia before launching an attack on Baghdadi. The areas are mostly controlled by Russia and Turkish forces.

The US had also removed 11 children from the captivity of Baghdadi. The attack is said to come as a surprise for many as the province is mostly controlled by ISIS where Baghdadi was hiding. Meanwhile, the officials have confirmed that the US army had no casualties during the act.

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