Friday, September 30, 2022

US Senate Approves Historic Anti-Gun Violence Bill

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In response to the recent spate of horrific mass shootings, the US Senate on Thursday passed a bipartisan bill on gun violence. The legislation would impose stricter background checks on the smallest gun purchasers and prohibit more domestic abusers from possessing firearms.

On Thursday, the Senate easily passed a bipartisan gun violence bill that had appeared inconceivable a month earlier, paving the way for final approval of what will be Congress’ most comprehensive reaction to the country’s recent string of horrific mass shootings in decades.

Following the shooting rampages in New York and Texas last month, Democrats and 15 Republicans concluded that legislative inactivity was intolerable after years of GOP procedural delays thwarted Democratic efforts to restrict access to firearms. After weeks of negotiations behind closed doors, negotiators from both sides came up with a deal that represents a small but significant step toward reducing the violence that has become so frequent that it no longer surprises the country.

The $13 billion package would toughen background checks for children purchasing firearms, prevent more domestic violence offenders from possessing firearms, and assist states in enacting red flag legislation that make it simpler for law enforcement to seize weapons from dangerous individuals. Additionally, local initiatives for violence prevention, mental health, and school safety would be funded.

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