The diplomatic ties between the United States and Turkey took a huge hit on Monday when the two countries decided to suspend all the non-immigration visa services between them after an employee from US consulate in Turkey was arrested last week for his connections with Fethullah Gulen. Gulen has been accused of part taking in the failed coup d’état attempt in Turkey last year which resulted in the killing of more than 240 people.

After the arrest of the employee, who was working at US embassy in Turkey, Washington claimed the grounds of arrest as baseless and was very critical of it. After the talks failed to yield any result, US government moved to suspend the non-immigration visa services effective immediately at all US consulates in Turkey.

The US mission in Turkey released a statement which read, “Recent events have forced the United States government to reassess the commitment of the government of Turkey to the security of US mission and personnel. The said services will be suspended in order to minimise the number of visitors to our embassy and consulates while this assessment proceeds.”

Immediately hitting back on the order, Turkish consulate in the United States adopted the same stance and suspended non-immigration visa services for Americans. The relations between the two NATO allies have taken a downward trajectory since several Turkish security officials were indicted for causing violence during their visit to US capital Washington.

Earlier, a member of American mission Andrew Brunson was arrested in Turkey for his alleged involvement in the failed coup of 2016. The United States lambasted the Turkish government for the “wrongful arrest” arrest of Brunson and has been vying for his release.