US Congressman Gregory M Meeks has introduced new legislation named the “Ensuring American Global Leadership and Engagement” or EAGLE Act, that aims to counter the policy challenges posed by China. The bill addresses a wide range of issues, including increased investment to promote US manufacturing, trade, and re-engagement in international organisations. The bill calls for increased vehement US support for Taiwan and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. The purpose of the act is to promoto international order which contributes to Global Peace.

A foreign house committee release stated that the act authorises an increase in US Department of State resources devoted to the Indo-Pacific and presents blueprints to enhance American engagement. Meeks said that the “EAGLE Act” was introduced with the aim to bolster an international order that has safeguarded American interests and contributed to the maintenance of global peace.

People’s Republic of China (PCR) increasingly seeks to undermine that rules-based order and challenge America’s place in it. This act aims to leverage America’s true strengths and focus on the real challenges posed by the PRC. The act reinforces US commitment to engagement with partners and allies through bilateral and trilateral engagement as well as through the Quadrilateral Dialogue.