Uyghur American and rights advocate Rushan Abbas demand OIC and other Muslim countries to watch what Pakistan and China doing to Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. In a video statement, she said that the world continued to turn a blind eye to the genocide that the Chinese government was perpetrating against Uyghur Muslims.

She said that the Uyghur pleas were dismissed and discredited, meanwhile, China’s propaganda was met with blind faith. She added that by the virtue of faith, over 3 million Uyghurs were imprisoned in concentration camps, their religion was outlawed, their organs were harvested, their hair is sold, their children ripped from them, their women raped, forcibly married and sterilized.

Rushan is the founder and executive director of the non-profit, Campaign for Uyghurs. She said that Uyghurs were forced to make Nike shoes, Zara dresses, Calvin Klein purses as slaves while forsaking their religion and ethnicity. She said that a promise for ‘never again’ was made, but that promise was being broken.

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The activist said that everyone hears the cries of agony from the millions facing genocide, from the children who scream out for their parents, the sobs of women who were raped, sterilized, and forced to abort, still, the most deafening was the silence from the world community, in particular from their Muslim brothers and sisters. She said that this pain was met with justifications made on behalf of the Chinese government.

Rushan Abbas said that the Gulf states remained indifferent to the genocide because of China’s Belt and Road initiative accompanied by short term economic benefits, but, in the end, China would be the only one who truly benefits. She said that it would do onto all Islamic countries what it is doing to East Turkistan; enforce atheist communist ideology and kill off Islam.

The activist is unhappy with Pakistan’s failure to raise the Uyghur issue with China, its close ally. She said, “Pakistan naively sees its ties to China as “mutually beneficial”. This is folly; it is becoming China’s colony. As the Chinese language becomes required and the Chinese military is seen on the streets of Pakistan, it is clear what is developing.”

The CCP is turning Islamic countries into their puppets, with their mouths, eyes, and ears covered by China’s blood money. The people of these nations are our Muslim brothers and sisters, and their silence stabs our hearts.

Rushan said: “Their fate may be the same as ours if they do not awaken soon! While the OIC has changed its position to support China’s genocide, siding with these CCP bullies, we plead with the ummah to take up the cause of saving Uyghur lives, and concurrently protecting Islam from China’s war on religion, as is our obligation as Muslims”.

“This modern-day Genocide isn’t just mass killings to the level of extermination; it means the obliteration of a people to extinction. It is our duty to make sure this genocide ends and it is Muslims’ duty to defend Islam,” she said while concluding: “Don’t abandon your Muslim brothers and sisters.”

China has been accused of interning one million Uyghurs in “re-education” centers in Xinjiang. Uyghurs do not accept that Xinjiang is part of China, citing the evidence that Uyghur people lived in the area before the Chinese Han and Tang dynasties set up protectorates.

Xinjiang, as it is now, came under the Chinese Qing dynasty rule in the 18th century, but there have been many times in its history when it was not under Chinese control.

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