Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Uyghurs deported to China: UK tribunal investigates China’s genocide crimes

Uyghur Tribunal, a London based independent tribunal, is all set to investigate the alleged human rights abuses against Uyghurs by China. The Tribunal will hear first-hand testimony of various heinous crimes, including forced sterilization, rape, and slave labour. The United States termed the crackdown by China in Xinjiang as a “genocide”. Canada and the Netherlands echoed the thoughts. The eight-member panel will thoroughly investigate this possible genocide. The Tribunal will be convened by Geoffrey Nice, a prominent human rights lawyer. China has vehemently neglected the credibility of the tribunal trial.

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Xinjiang is the most ethnically diverse region in China. Officially known as Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), Xinjiang is home to numerous Uyghurs who preserve their distinct language and culture. Unfortunately, the inter-ethnic tensions have made Uyghurs feel alien in their homeland. Policies pertaining to bias, restrictions, and a controlled religious behaviour act as a parasite eating Uyghur culture. The condition worsened after Xi Jinping came into power in 2013. The crackdown on Uyghurs hardened significantly. Evidence of detainment centres for Uyghurs with over 2 million people in them has emerged since 2016. Reports of Uyghur disappearances have also emerged, who are believed to be detained in these “concentration camps”, as termed by many.

China has been highly atrocious with the Uyghurs. According to reports by CNN and BBC, many detainees for these camps have recounted incidents of torture, sexual abuse, forced labour, and deaths of detainees. To boost up the cultural homogeneity, many Uyghur activists have also alleged that the CCP forces Uyghurs to adhere to birth control and enforce sterilization to curb the Uyghur population. Families have been strategically ripped apart, which has resulted in numerous children growing up as orphans. The condition is horrendous to the point that Uyghur families are terrified to go out of their homes in fear of deportation and torture. With time, the terror and the atrocities have only increased. It has reached a point where people are being deported to China from other Muslim countries like Turkey, Dubai, and Egypt.

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