Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, escaped unhurt on Sunday from what administration officials called an assassination attempt during a military event in Caracas when the President was addressing the military. At least 7 National Guard soldiers were injured and many were seen running in a live televised transmission that was cut off after the explosion.

In the video, the explosion can be heard when Maduro was speaking about Venezuela’s economy. First, the audio went down and then others on the podium looked up, shocked. The camera then focused on soldiers who started running, before the before the transmission was cut.

Venezuelan minister Jorge Rodriguez immediately addressed the media and said Maduro is safe and unharmed but seven people were injured.

President Maduro replaced former President Hugi Chavez after his death in 2013 and won a new 6-year term in May.

Venezuelan economy has collapsed since the 2014 oil price fall stoking a crisis that has sparked malnutrition, hyperinflation and mass emigration.

Maduro, a former bus driver, has time and again emphasised that he’s battling an imperialist conspiracy to destroy socialism and take over Venezuela’s oil.

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