Virginia Beach shooting: At least 12 people were killed and 6 others sustained serious injuries after a public utility employee opened fire on co-workers at Virginia Beach Municipal Center, Virginia on Friday. The Virginia Beach Police immediately reached the spot and killed the heavily armed shooter. The gunman was armed with a .45 calibre handgun and he exhausted multiple extended magazines in the onslaught, reports said.

Virginia Beach Police chief James Cervera said that the gunman entered the municipal building at 4 pm on Friday and opened indiscriminate firing. The gunman also shot at a police officer who is undergoing treatment along with the six others injured. Cervera said that the policemen were saved because of his bulletproof jacket. The police chief also said that the suspect was a public utility employee. He also described the suspect as ‘disgruntled’.

With the help of the local police, FBI agents and Homeland Security Department forensic technicians are investigating into the incident. Following the shooting incident, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam termed it as the darkest day in the history of Virginia city.

Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital reported that two of the six injured people are in critical while four underwent surgeries.

The building where the horrible incident occurred is a workplace of inspecting properties, issue building permits, water distribution and all other public works. At least 400 people work in the municipal building.

Aaron Rouse, a city councilman said all the people of the city will have to come together and show the strength of the city. Edward Weeden, an office assistant said, he was at the first-floor reception desk when he heard the sound of shooting coming from the direction of a staircase. When he went towards it, found a woman lying there.

Virginia Beach, a resort city on the southeastern coast on the Commonwealth of Virginia, the United States, has a population of 450,138. It is one of the most populated cities in the US.

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