A six-year-old YouTuber from South Korea’s Seoul is ready to be the rich owner of not a dollhouse, but a lavishing 55 crore apartment (worth 9.5 billion Korean won), reported CNN. Believe it or not, but the little munchkin who is a social media sensation will be the proud owner of an expensive apartment. Boram Ki owns a subscriber base of 30 million people on YouTube.

Boram’s new apartment is located in the Seoul suburb of Gangnam. She bought the luxurious apartment through the Boram Family Company which was established by her parents.

Boram has two accounts on YouTube with one having more than 13.6 million subscribers while the other with a subscriber base of 17.6 million people. The former is a review channel in which Boram reviews toys while the latter is a blog. One of her most viewed videos is Cooking Pororo Black Noodle which has been viewed for more than 376 million times.

With fame comes backlash too, as not everybody seems pleased with the videos of the little YouTuber. In fact, several complaints have been made against her including NGO, Save the Children raising an objection to her content saying it affected the tiny tots negatively.

The NGO stated that their problem with the YouTuber was her content as one of the videos showed her stealing money. Another problematic video was the one in which the little girl can be seen driving cars on the street, the NGO stated. This was followed by a police complaint against her which was later pulled down from YouTube.

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