Want a good night’s sleep? Have sex before going to bed, says study

Having sex before going to bed can improve your overall sleep quality, says a new study conducted by Australia’s Central Queensland University. Although it’s been long held that orgasm before going to bed improves sleep, new research is now backing that claim. The study has found that 59% of women and 68% of men, who had sex before going to bed in the study, had improved their overall sleep quality. It further said that 68% of women and 74% of men reported better sleep if they climax during sex.

Sex can also help people sleep more quickly, and if you don’t have a partner, even masturbation will do the trick, said the study. Some 800 men and women took part in the Queensland study, said lead researcher Michele Lastella. It is the first study to explore the relationship between sexual activities and sleep quality in the adult population, the metro.co.uk quoted Lastella as saying. She said that the difference in perception between male and female oversleep quality, particularly after sex, was apparent.

Lastella said that a significant gender difference existed in the perception of sex and impact on subsequent sleep quality and sleep latency. In the study, a significantly higher proportion of males reported perceived improvement in sleep quality after having sex with a partner. She, however, said that the reason for the difference in perception was not explored because of variation in orgasm frequency in male and female. Lastella that men, when compared with women, are more likely to orgasm during sex with a partner.

Lastella added that the findings suggest that sex with a partner, involving an orgasm, may improve the quality of sleep of both genders. The researchers further said that the sleep benefits may be due to the release of feel-good hormones oxytocin and prolactin and the power of sex to reduce feelings of stress.

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