The Taliban wrote on Wednesday, to the American people that they wanted to end Afghanistan’s 17-year battle, however, stated that the message should not be seen as a sign of weakness and fight against US forces would go on. The long letter written by the Taliban urged Amecian people to press their government to withdraw from war-torn Afghanistan.The letter promised a more inclusive regime, education and rights of all, including women.

According to a report published in Reuters, an international news agency, the Taliban said, ” Our preference is to solve the Afghan issue through peaceful dialogue.” The letter also concentrated on excessive corruption in the Afghan government and the narcotics industry, from which officials say the militants make millions of dollars. Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of opium. It reiterated the Taliban’s protracted offer of direct talks with the US, which has been refused by the latter, asserting that the peace negotiations should be between Taliban and the Afghan government. US President Donald Trump’s aggressive strategy towards Afghanistan and an increase in air strikes have created more animosity between the two countries. 

The Taliban emerged in the early 1990s in northern Pakistan after the withdrawal of Social troops from Afghanistan. The hardline Islamic group have been responsible for the deadly attacks which recently occurred in the Kabul street, and killed as many as 95 people and left 158 injured, prior this attack, militants attacked the International Hotel in Kabul that left 22 dead. Theses grave casualties have depicted how Afghanistan is bleeding. According to a report published in The New York Times, which is an American newspaper based in New York City, over the past year, around 10,000 country’s security forces have been killed and more than 16,000 have been injured. The Afghan civilians have witnessed about 5 deadliest terrorist attacks in 2017.

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