Watch: 4 Beachgoers Attacked By 6-Feet Long shark On Fourth of July At South Padre Island

Texas Shark attacks injure three people off the coast of South Padre Island prompting warnings to stay out of the water.

A series of shark attacks on the Fourth of July off the coast of South Padre Island, Texas, left four individuals injured, prompting urgent safety measures and warnings from local authorities.

The attacks occurred on South Padre Island, near Brownsville, with the shark responsible subsequently located and pushed out to deeper waters by responders, according to Fire Chief Pigg. Despite these efforts, lifeguards continued to advise beachgoers to refrain from entering the water or to stay in shallow areas as a precautionary measure.

The first incident was reported around 11 a.m. when emergency services responded to a severe shark bite on a beachgoer’s leg, swiftly transporting the victim to a local hospital for treatment. Later in the day, two additional shark attacks were reported, resulting in injuries to two more individuals who were also hospitalized.

Eyewitness Kyle Jud recounted a distressing scene where a woman suffered a severe leg injury and required a tourniquet to stem the bleeding before being taken for medical care. He shared video footage capturing the presence of a shark in the vicinity as emergency services conducted their operations.


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One of the injured individuals had to be airlifted from a Brownsville hospital for further medical attention, as confirmed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Authorities emphasized that such severe shark encounters are uncommon in Texas and often result from mistaken identity by sharks searching for prey.

The specific species of shark involved in the attacks has not yet been identified, and investigations are ongoing. Police continue to patrol the shores of South Padre Island to ensure safety and monitor any further developments.

South Padre Island Mayor Patrick McNulty conveyed sympathy to the injured and their families, expressing hopes for their swift recovery amidst the aftermath of the unprecedented shark attacks in the area.