WhatsApp announced on Friday, that it was delaying the implementation of a new privacy policy that has faced massive backlash with tens of millions of its users moving from the platform to rivals like Signal and Telegram, by three months. This means, if the users do not approve the new privacy policy of WhatsApp till February 8, even then the WhatsApp account will not be closed.

Facebook was set to implement its new privacy policy from February 8 on the messaging app WhatsApp, which the company has postponed for the next three months. Users will have time till 15 May 2021 to review and understand the new privacy policy. On May 15, 2021, a new business option of WhatsApp will be launched.

There is confusion among the users about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, due to which it is being postponed, which will allow the users more time to understand the new privacy policy. WhatsApp wants to convey information to people at all levels with regard to misleading information about the new privacy and security policy.

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WhatsApp in its statement said, “Many arguments arose over our recent update and we have noticed that there is a lot of confusion in the minds of the people regarding the same. We would like to make a few facts clear to the public – No one can read the personal conversations which have end-to-end encryption, not even WhatsApp or Facebook. We do not share your contacts with Facebook and also are unable to track your location or access your phone or text logs. The recent updates won’t change any of these”.

“Instead, the update includes new options that people must use if they wish to handle their business accounts on WhatsApp. It also explains how the collected data would be collected and used if the said option is used. This update does not increase our ability to share data with Facebook”.

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