Why Did Rishi Sunak's Conservative Party Lost in UK's General Elections?

Keir Starmer will become the next prime minister of Britain with his Labour Party ending 14 years long governance of Conservative Party. Read the full article to understand why the Tories lost UK’s general elections.

On 4th July British people went for the voting in their general election. Then in the outcome, the Conservative party’s Rishi Sunak has lost to Keir Starmer of the Labour Party. Now conservatives have been holding the govt for the past 14 long years.

So, what happened that after 14 years of governance, the Britishers usurped the conservatives?

Why Rishi Sunak’s Conservative party lost?

Speaking with a former BBC editor, Nicolas –

1. People were tired of one-party rule for 14 years and they wanted change.
2. The state of the economy was not standing strong under the conservatives.

Elaborating on the second party, there are various nitty gritty in the economy that the Britishers want to change.

1. The people want to see a reduction in the taxes.
2. They want to change the function of NHS, National Health Service. The fact that under this service, the citizens can’t see a doctor immediately is what has irked the Britishers. Shortage of staff that left the patients unattended and stranded in the hospital ally. To solve this problem, the Conservatives were supposed to hire eligible people and find the money to pay them.

3. Britishers are fed up with Immigration. Both sorts of Immigration, legal and Illegal have become a very big issue in the country. The Conservatives were dedicated to solving it but they failed. So, the people are hopeful that Keir Starmer’s Labour Party will solve it. The Party has made it clear that it would have a different approach to solving the immigration issue.
For the legal immigration, far more people are entering London than leaving, which is taking a toll on the employment status of the Britishers.

The Labor Party’s dicey promise

Though now as a bid to come to power, the Labor Party has promised the citizens to solve all the issues without increasing taxes, but the thing is British are already struggling with money problems since Brexit, So, there would seem no way to increase the taxes.
Also, to solve the immigration issue, if the labor party puts a restriction on this, then the Country which heavily depends upon foreign workers for the healthcare sector, would be heavily impacted.