World War III has already started after the sinking of naval vessel Moskva in the Ukraine war, declared Russian state television on Friday. While Russia played down the incident by stating that Moskva was was damaged after a fire, Ukraine has claimed the credit of destroying the flagship vessel of Moscow’s Black sea fleet through its Neptune missile.

However, the sinking of the ship has led to political meltdown. After the incident, Russian presenter Olga Skabeyeva made the chilling statement that “What it’s escalated into can safely be called World War III” and insisted “that’s entirely for sure.’

On the sidelines of the Black sea incident, Russia formally protested the US’ ongoing shipment of weapons to Ukraine this week. It sent a diplomatic note to the state department warning of “unpredictable consequences” should the support continue. The note, known as a demarche, was sent earlier this week as the US was preparing to announce that it would be sending an additional $800 million military aid package to Ukraine.

As the war completes 50 days, a Veteran journalist and geopolitical expert Fareed Zakaria said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a much bigger event than the 9/11 terror attack. Calling Russia’s invasion the “most significant international event” in the post-cold war era, Fareed Zakaria said, “Just as the fall of the Berlin wall ushered in a new world order, the Russian invasion of Ukraine will have those seismic and systematic implications.”