Chinese president Xi Jinping on Wednesday dialled his newly elected US counterpart Joe Biden to congratulate him on winning the presidential elections against Donald Trump. Considering the tensions simmering between China and USA, especially in the post-Covid world, the phone call can be seen as Xi’s attempt to mend ties with the US.

In the congratulatory phone call, Xi expressed his hope of a healthy and stable development in Sino-US relations. He said that a healthy relationship between US and China is not only in the fundamental interest of people of both countries but also the common expectation of the international community.

Calling on both the countries to avoid conflicts and confrontations, he also expressed his desire for both countries to uphold the spirit of mutual respect and win-win cooperation. Post Joe Biden and Xi Jinping’s dialogue, Chinese vice president Wang Qishan also dialled Kamala Harris to extend her congratulatory wishes.

In an attempt to turn the tides in favour of China, Xi has also reached out to Europe to mould a favourable stance for Chinese companies and pave the path for European businesses to gain greater market access in China. Amid reports that European Union is planning new restrictions on Chinese business, Xi held a telephonic conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and said that he hopes Germany and the European Union will remain open to Chinese companies. He reiterated his stance that China and EU should strive for a mutual respectful relationship based on the themes of dialogue and win-win cooperation.