Sunday, August 14, 2022

Xi Jinping has a cerebral aneurysm, according to reports

According to media sources, Chinese President Xi Jinping has a ‘cerebral aneurysm’ and will be hospitalised towards the end of 2021.
He wanted to be treated with traditional Chinese medications rather than surgery, which relaxes blood vessels and shrinks aneurysms, according to reports.

There have been concerns about Xi’s health in recent months, as he has avoided seeing foreign leaders since the onset of COVID-19 until the Beijing Winter Olympics.

During Xi’s visit to Italy in March 2019, his walk was seen to be peculiar, with a perceptible limp, and later in France during the same tour, he was seen requesting support when attempting to sit down.

Similarly, during a public talk in Shenzhen in October 2020, his late arrival, delayed speech, and coughing fit fueled suspicion about his health.

These allegations come as China’s economy is strained by rising oil and gas prices, supply chain disruptions caused by the Ukraine conflict, and stringent enforcement of the zero-COVID policy.

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