Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Xi’s Taiwan invasion a bluff : Taiwan exposes PLA’s vulnerability

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Taiwan’s annual defence report has revealed China’s plans to invade the island nation by 2025. In the report tabled by Taiwan’s Deputy Defence Minister, the Island nation has listed out a step-wise plan on how China will transgress Taiwan’s borders. It stated China will first use missiles to target air defenses and gradually conduct swift landing by stationing ships to stop foreign intervention. Interestingly, the report also lists 3 weaknesses of China, which will make this operation a very difficult to carry out.

These weaknesses listed out by Taiwan include lack of sufficient landing equipment, lack of transport aircraft and lack of understanding of the Taiwan strait. The island nation has also predicted that China won’t be able to invade Taiwan till 2024 while increasing its defence budget to over 8 million and stressing on continuing the military modernization campaign.

The big takeaways that can be identified in Taiwan’s Chinese invasion report include full Chinese invasion of Taiwan will be difficult, China will face problems in landing and supplying troops, China’s transport capacity is limited and will not be able to land forces, China will have to rely on non-standard roll-on and roll-off ships.

About Taiwan, one draws that Taiwan’s military strongly defends ports and airports, supplies over Taiwan’s strait poses huge logistics challenges, Taiwan’s military has an advance in the Taiwan strait, Taiwan can cut off PLA’s supplies and hence reducing their endurance. China will need reserve forces to prevent foreign intervention. US & Japanese military bases are close to Taiwan. China can use targeted missile attacks, for which there is a Taiwanese modernisation programme. Taiwan is planning $8.66 billion military spending in 5 years and will be focused on naval weapons and missiles.

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