Delhi CM Convenes Emergency Meeting as Yamuna Water Level Reaches its Highest Level

12 July, 2023 | Anamika Singh Parihar

Yamuna National

As Yamuna water level has risen to its highest level Delhi CM has called an emergency meeting.

The water level in Yamuna, which is on the rise in Delhi, reached its highest-ever level on Wednesday at 207.55 meters, breaking the record of 44-year according to the official. The water level was nearly 207.48 meters at noon on July 12, officials of the Delhi Flood Control Department said in a statement.
Delhi CM has convened an emergency meeting amid the rising level of water in Yamuna.

The meeting will be conducted at the Delhi Secretariat. All the concerned officials and stakeholders will be present at the meeting.

According to an official Yamuna water had breached the danger level mark on 9 July. They remarked that the previous record of the highest level of Yamuna water was in 1978 at 207.49 meters.
The rescue and rehabilitation teams are continuously working on relocating those residing in low-lying areas of the region to much safer locations amid rising levels of water in the capital region.

The Indian Metrological Department (IMD) issued an ‘orange alert’ for Delhi. The common activities of the local people have been affected by the massive rain. Roads have been blocked, and many vehicles swept away by the rising level of water of the Yamuna River.

The torrential rain is expected to continue in the next few days, according to the sources. Various routes have been jammed and flooded due to the high level of Yamuna Water. The government official also issued a warning that it could be dangerous to roam around areas where water levels have risen to normal levels.