Yeh Jaadu hai Jinn Ka February 20, 2020 written updates: Roshani challenges Aman

20 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Yeh Jaadu hai Jinn Ka Entertainment

Yeh Jaadu hai Jinn Ka February 19, 2020 written updates: Aman destroyed Roshani's new bakery to fulfill his revenge, he offered her a job in his company. Roshani rejected his proposal and challenge...

Yeh Jaadu hai Jinn Ka February 20, 2020 written updates: Aman destroyed Roshani’s new bakery, Roshani lost her patience after watching the destroyed bakery. Aman came to her and tell her that he destroyed his bakery and that is what she deserves. But Roshani did not let her self respect down and said that he might have destroyed her bakery, her childhood dream but he cannot destroy her self respect.

Roshani challenged him that she will get everything back soon and will show him that what she can do, Aman Junaid Khan reminds her, her bank balance and her financial status. Aman offered her a job and asked her to join the hob in her office. He tells her that the insurance she had, has also been owned by him only. He will not let her claim the insurance and even sympathy. He promised her that Roshani will be there to accept his offer soon as he knows how greedy she is.

Initially, Roshani showed confidence and rejected his offer and asked her to leave. Roshani destroyed Aman’s car and said that she can also make her life hell. Aman, they fired her car and said that she doesn’t know how to love and don’t even know how to hate. After saying all that Aman left Roshani with her situation and let his offer open.

After coming back home Roshani realized that her mother is ill, she called that doctor. The doctor prescribed the medicines of worth rupees 20,000. Roshani then accepted Aman’s proposal and all his terms and conditions. Aman hired Roshani as her personal assistant. He tried to make her jealous as he flirts with her lady guest.