Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka February 29, 2020 written updates: Aman rescues Roshani

29 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Entertainment

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka February 29, 2020 written updates: Roshni and Aman part ways because of Aliya's terrific plan but now it seems that Aman and Roshni are getting closer to each other because of...

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka February 29, 2020 written updates: The episode begins with the struggle of Roshani to save herself from Kabir’s evil plan and attack. On the other hand, we have seen that Aman saves his family from the attackers of Kabir and kept the family inside the house safely. After that Tabeezi got an idea to make a powder by which she can keep the attackers out of the mansion.

Tabeezi’s idea and her powder save them for a while during that she received a call from Roshni. Where she tells that she is not safe but the call ended in between the conversation. Tabeezi informed Aman about Roshni’s call, interestingly Kabir caught his mother inside the hospital. Whereas Aman went to save Roshni and get home Aman received call from Kabir, Kabir said that he forgets his mother and now he has to pay for it. After listening to Kabir’s terrific threat Roshni and Aman went to the hospital to save Pravin.

Aman and Roshni decided to go on different sites so that they can protect Parveen, fortunately, Roshni found Pravin and get into a heated argument with Kabir. Now it will be interesting to see if this love story will take a new turn and twist or Aman will get to know the reality of Roshani and he will accept her with a whole heart. Or the tables turn and Roshni will bring her self respect in between her relationship with Aman for more updates stay tuned to NewsX.