“You have all the power in the form of your Mind Power”, Sanjay Jain, Life Coach and Mind Power Trainer

19 August, 2020 | newsx bureau

Sanjay Jain Health & Environment

In an exclusive conversation with NewsX, Mr Sanjay Jain, renowned Life Coach, Mind Power Trainer, Crown Ambassador, shares the secrets of training your mind to be successful in life.

Recently, reputed Life Coach and Mind Power Trainer, Mr Sanjay Jain gave NewsX an exclusive sneak-peak into his life and methods of ‘Mind Power Training’. He is a paradigm of each person’s inherent craving to strive for the best that they’re capable of.

Speaking from his personal experience, he said as a young man in pre-liberalised India, he couldn’t find his one true calling and the rigid school schedule only proved to undermine his self-confidence. “I was a self-conscious, introverted person with an inferiority complex”, he shares with a humble smile. The proliferation of computers gave him a sense of purpose and he decided to make a career out of this new and exciting opportunity. He acknowledges the transient sense of security that his job gave him at the beginning and it only took him a year to realise that he wanted more out of life.

He shares his experience of working relentlessly for more 16 years in the field; all to no avail. Until he came across International Direct Selling. “Destiny is pre-determined and the most we can do is try to live our lives honestly”, he says in a reverential manner. He attributes the change in his personality and life to his habit of reading books. Reading transformed his ideas, behaviour, and by extension, his life.

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His work at Safe Shop has been commendable and his advice to budding entrepreneurs is “You don’t have to build the business, you have to build the people. Then the people will build the business.” He also said that “You have all the powers that Aladdin’s genie had, in the form of your mindpower. You can achieve anything if this power is harnessed correctly.”

His DISHA workshops are truly exemplary and renowned all over. His mantra of: “Whatever the mind and conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”, is a great distillation of his ideology. He believes that a lack of awareness about Mind Power is the root cause behind unhappiness and a sense of unfulfillment.

A man full of anecdotes, inspiring advice and a ready, modest smile, his parting advice to people suffering from unemployment is to take decisive action and to utilise their mental capacity and potential to the maximum. His encouraging words: “Even if one person gets inspired by me, I’ll consider myself the luckiest person”, are truly something that all of us can imbibe and learn from.

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