Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Young entrepreneurs should not expect their businesses to boom in a short period: Subhashis Kar

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Subhashis Kar, CEO, Techbooze Consultancy recently joined NewsX for an enriching chat as part of NewsX India A-List. In the exclusive conversation, he spoke about how Techbooze can give a kick-start to the startups that are looking for funding and shared his journey as a CEO of the company.

We started the conversation by asking the Subhashis about his startup, Techbooze. Sharing insights about his company, the CEO said, “Techbooze is a 360-degree consultancy service provider. We are also into startup consultancy. We have a headquarter in India and our bases are spread across 53 other nations throughout the globe. Moreover, till now we have funded about 200 to 250 startups across the globe. We provide A to Z facilities, starting from legal facilities to DPR requirements. We provide whatever is required from the initial boundaries to the exit boundaries.”

He further discussed how Techbooze helps startups raise funding for themselves. “There is a very defined process in our company to help startups avail funding. When a startup comes to us, they have to come from a website. Over there they can start up all the startup details with their pitch date and their plans such as business and financial plans. Once they submit the plans, we name it an investors forum. Once a startup is named as an investors forum, the plans of the company are transferred to the respective departments and there they filter it out. Once it is filtered out, a summarized plan is created. After this, the plan is sent to the investor’s forum in the UK called UNILIF (United Nations International Legislation for Investment Forum). It is a pool of around 419 investors worldwide including Capital Tiger Global. Now, if these members of the forum find any startup valuable, they let us know and then we connect with the respective startup. We make further plans which take around 2 to 3 months.”

Subhashis went on to tell us about his journey of becoming the CEO of Techbooze. He revealed, ” Techbooze was a UK-based company company earlier and I used to be a salesman in the company. They later changed the company into a real estate funding company. Thereafter in 2017 end, I saw the booming potential of the startups from the ‘Startup India’ campaign. So, I wanted to explore this segment of the business. When I spoke to my company about my interests, they did not agree with my visions. After that in 2019, along with the board members of the company, we raised some equity funding and we took over this company from the UK-based firm. From there on the journey started and I made an exponential growth.”

Mr. Kar termed his company Techbooze as his ‘baby’. He said, “Techbooze is like my baby, it started in my hands and whatever it is right now, it is still in my hands. I take care of everything in this company including sales, management, and even operations.”

Lastly, the CEO suggested young entrepreneurs not expect their businesses to boom in a short period. He suggested, ” You should have a plan from A to Z. If you require help, companies like ours are there to help you out for free initially. They shouldn’t be focused on the profitability of the company only, instead they should focus on forming a stable idea first.”

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