Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Young public figure Jeevan Tiwari bringing trends in digital marketing

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The PRO in digital marketing, content creation, Youtube Marketing , Election Campaigns and Social media marketing has made it possible to cross a turnover of over 6 million for this Digital Entrepreneur, his business empire in 2021.he is also social worker runs charitable trust.

The more we speak of how budding entrepreneurs are making their distinctive marks in the digital marketing industry, the less it seems is spoken about them. This is because all of these young talents go beyond the traditional business structures and through their creativity and commendable skills outdo everyone else in the industry. Digital Entrepreneur Jeevan Tiwari from Gujarat Vadodara tops this list. It excels even beyond his limits by imprinting his name in the elite list of digital marketing entrepreneurs of India, aiming to also make a name globally.

It was the confidence and belief of this 20 year old entrepreneur which helped him carve his own niche in the digital world and become an inspirational example to many other youngsters in India. Fusing his talents of creativity and innovation in digital marketing with his love and passion for his work together has given Jeevan Tiwari an individual successful path for him to create more such successful feats in his life. Born and raised in a rich culture family, proving his skills was not easy in the beginning. Jeevan Tiwari decided to jump into entrepreneurship as soon as he understood that his ideas in the digital world can prove to be highly lucrative for others and himself.

In just a matter of a few years, Jeevan Tiwari drew a success graph for all his clients and has helped them turn from ordinary to exceptional names and brands in the industry. Along with his host of varied digital marketing strategies that include innovative planning, tactics, techniques, strategies for lead generation, social media marketing campaigns, planning to increase brand value and awareness, and many other creative and notable strategies have always kept Jeevan Tiwari much ahead of his competition.Jeevan Tiwari featured as Youngest Digital Entrepreneur.

Becoming the Youngest Millionaire Entrepreneur of India, Jeevan Tiwari today manages his enormous empire of different companies in the form of Ezee Digital Marketing Group of Companies, where Tiwari serves as the CEO and founder of the same. This empire has shown its expansiveness with his organisations like Ezee Digital marketing Technologies Pvt Ltd. The empire has become vast and lucrative as Jeevan Tiwari has made possible its growth from scratch to turning it into an empire with a turnover of more than 2 million in 2021.

Whether it is about creating more traffic for clients, entrepreneurs, brands and companies or whether about coming up with fresh content creations to attract more people, Jeevan Tiwari company Ezee Digital Marketing never fails to impress anyone.

On his next projects, Tiwari wants to improve the dynamics of the traditional education curriculum and come with a more informative education system in the digital space for youngsters. His wish is also to build a Digital University, for aspiring talents, who can work hard and try to create a name just like Jeevan did being under 21.

You can follow him on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/iamdjjeevan


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