Tuesday, November 28, 2023

YouTube introduces @handles to promote profiles

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With the advent of @handles for channels, YouTube is edging closer to other social networks and making it simpler to promote your channel in-app and generate traffic to your profile.

Every YouTube channel will now have distinctive identifier handles purpously developed by youtube to promote the profiles.

Like it does on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc., your @handle, which will be particular to your channel (unlike Channel names), will immediately connect people to your content.

Additionally serving as a distinctive channel URL, your handle offers additional chance for branding. Custom channel URLs were previously only available to producers with 100 subscribers, but now YouTube is enabling the feature for all users within the app.

Making it simpler to follow creators will assist to optimise the growth of the Shorts channel, which is a crucial factor in this plan to better promote channels in line with regular patterns.

However, the proliferation of copycat channels, where con artists set up channels that resemble those of well-known YouTubers and frequently use the same channel name, is another issue that YouTube is attempting to address.

In an effort to increase transparency and reduce the impact of this strategy, YouTube announced back in June that it would no longer permit channels to hide subscriber counts. It also announced that special characters would no longer be permitted in channel names, another method that scammers use to replicate channels.

It will be more challenging to establish duplicate channels and deceive people with uploads and scams by making sure each channel has a distinct @handle, which they may promote directly.

With this amazing new feature starting on November 14th, YouTube will start assigning its own handles based on the name of your existing channel if you do nothing.

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