YSRCP to raise many issues of State interest in Parliament budget session

25 January, 2021 | newsx bureau

Jaganmohan-Reddy National

The Chief Minister directed the MPs to stress on the Polavaram project which has arrears of Rs 1569.86 crore, and for approval of the revised estimates of the project cost of Rs 55,656.87 crore.

(Amaravathi ) Chief Minister Of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who held a meeting with the Party MPs, here on Monday, appraised the MPs of the issues to be raised during the budget session. Funds for Polavaram, renotification for the relocation of High Court, Special Category Status and political angle to the recent vandalism of temples in State are among the issues that would be voiced in the Parliament.

The Chief Minister directed the MPs to stress on the Polavaram project which has arrears of Rs 1569.86 crore, and for approval of the revised estimates of the project cost of Rs 55,656.87 crore.

He stated that Chandrababu Naidu during TDP term has agreed to the special package putting the Polavaram project at jeopardy. In regard to the Polavaram project, the State government has already discussed and written letters to the Prime Minister and Home Minister to approve the revised estimates. He directed the MPs to take up the issue of Polavaram project seriously and insist for the approval of revised cost estimates to complete the project on time.

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The Chief Minister also told the MPs to raise the issues of decentralization of capital activities, integrated development bills passed by the State along with issuing a re-notification to shift the High Court to Kurnool. The Chief Minister told to mention the problems regarding divisions of Railway zone in Visakhapatnam.

He directed the MPs to be prepared with full details regarding attacks on temples in the state. He said the investigations revealed that people with political backgrounds were involved in these incidents and stated that malicious propaganda was spread on social media and action is being taken against anyone, irrespective of religion, who are involved in these incidents. He said it was TDP followers who shifted the Nandi idol from a temple at Santhabommali of Tekkali constituency in Srikakulam district and false information is being propagated that YSRCP followers are involved in the incident, where even Chandrababu Naidu and his party members have changed their version after CCTV footage was released. He told the MPs to raise the conspiracies of TDP through temple vandalism. He also said to raise the pending request of CBI enquiry on Antarvedi temple chariot fire issue.

In regard to special category status, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that he had written letters several times and appealed to the Center on every occasion he visited Delhi, adding that the MPs should try to raise it in parliament. Under the employment guarantee scheme, he said there were arrears of Rs 3,707.77 crore and told the MPs to request for increasing the number of working days from 100 to 150. The Chief Minister stressed on clearing the arrears of Rs 4282 Crore for paddy procurement under Public Distribution System and also issue the funds of Rs 1842.45 Crore under 14 and 15 Finance Commissions. Under Nivar Cyclone compensation for the damaged infrastructure facilities and restoration, the State government is going to raise the matter to release the compensation of Rs 2255.7 Crore.

Besides these, the MPs were instructed to raise the issues of establishment of Tribal University, Disha Act, agreements of power projects, and various other issues. The Chief Minister has directed to MPs to be prepared on all the Bills especially on Abortion Bills which are to be laid in Parliament and further discussed on Agriculture Bills. He stressed that the state government has agreed for the new agriculture bills, only with the clause that farmers have to be paid with remunerative prices for their crops irrespective of the place they sell.

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