Saturday, December 9, 2023

Zomato planning to deliver in 10 minutes, smashed on social media

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The food ordering app, Zomato’s founder, Deepinder Goyal strategized a 10 minutes delivery service after the criticism on its functioning of a tough and unsafe working environment for delivery partners.

On recent tweets made by Mr. Goyal stated that now Zomato will deliver standardized items on some specific location in just 10 minutes. These food items are Bread, omelette, poha, coffee, chai, biryani, momos, etc.

After Goyal’s tweet, “Hello Twitter, good morning. I just want to tell you more about how 10-minute delivery works, and how it is as safe for our delivery partners as 30-minute delivery. This time, please take 2 minutes to read through this (before the outrage)”.

Spreading a huge message in the end Goyal added that there will be no penalties for late deliveries. No incentives for on-time deliveries for both 10- and 30-minute deliveries. Zomato is building new food stations to enable 10-minute service for specific customer locations only.

However, this tweet was challenged and criticized social media with the outrage of comments stating that Zomato is dangerous for delivery partners with no certain policies. Jiten Jain, cyber security expert also commented on this plan of zomato stating that this will create unwanted stress for the delivery partners as 10 minutes is a small deadline to process this whole cloud kitchen chain.

However, Mr. Goyal denied all the allegations in his morning tweet – “We continue to educate our delivery partners on road safety, and provide accidental and life insurance as well”.

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