TSG CCP Spy Bust Exclusive: Unearthing of CCP’s spy operations in Canada

14 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Xi Jinping World

Bo Fan who died was associated with an organisation called Golden Touch, also known as Create Abundance, an international organisation with local ties that police called a spiritual group a mysteri...

Bo Fan, a 41-year-old Chinese immigrant, was dropped off outside the local Peace Arch Hospital at 5.30 a.m. on June 17, 2020. She was seriously hurt and died only a few hours later. Later on, the investigation into the mysterious murder of Bo Fan has focused attention on Create Abundance, also known as Golden Touch, a Chinese-origin spiritual community.

Since arriving from China in February 2019, the 41-year-old had been throwing swanky parties to impress recruits for Create Abundance International, a shadowy multi-level marketing activity that Chinese authorities deem a cult. According to company documents, the home where the murder victim worked, which happens to be Golden Touch’s B.C. headquarters, is also connected to at least five other businesses, all of which begin with the letters GT.

The quest for details about Fan’s jobs with the company leads from Surrey to the isolated northern end of Salt Spring Island. According to property records and its website, Create Abundance owns a 29-acre resort with oceanfront cabins along North Beach Road, amongst the sparkling water and the arbutus trees.

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The CTV News investigation, which included documentary filmmaker Ina Mitchell and Bob Mackin of TheBreaker.news revealed that the local people saw the group of people in military dress.

Another strange occurrence. At least one relative of Create Abundance’s leader, Xinyue Zhang, was involved in the cult’s multi-level marketing.He is claimed to be a world famous body mind spirit guru but Xinyue isn’t the only one with a big personality. Shao Weinan, a.k.a. Daemon Rule, and Di Lin, a.k.a. “Lynn,” are added.

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Lynn, a CCP member, serves as a recruiter for Build Abundance, which has since changed its name to “The Global Spiritualist Association.” The TGSA’s 2016 society registration reported that one of its aims was to raise money through “fees, grants, functions, gifts, bequests, or other means to carry out the Association’s mission.” Daemon chairs the Canada-Youth Leaders Foundation and is involved with the Elite Forces Training Program, according to media outlets. Lynn worked with the State Organs Job Committee and the Ministry of Finance until she returned to China.

TGSA’s roots extended to coal and gold fields, as well as a prostate clinic at Vancouver General Hospital. Amana Nutraceuticals, produced by PharmaPlanter Technologies, are promoted by TGSA. Gongbo Li, a former military researcher, now works as the CEO of Carlincore Resources Ltd., which owns BNT Gold Resources Ltd., a gold miner in the Yukon Territory. He has also issued $4,100 to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada.

Also, China is interested in Canada’s resource-rich Arctic, which accounts for about 40% of the country’s landmass, as well as the Northwest Passage shipping channel, which links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It was dealt a setback in 2020 when Canada’s federal government blocked the sale of the Shandong Gold Mine due to national security issues. However, several concerns about Bo Fan’s death and the cult’s mysterious actions remain unanswered.

This story is based on the exclusive report by The Sunday Guardian