NewsX is India’s fastest growing English News Channel and enjoys highest viewership and highest time spent amongst educated urban Indians.

Ever since its acquisition by the ITV Network, the channel has witnessed unprecedented growth.

NewsX is the News Leader and sets the news agenda for the nation, with its crisp formats, straight forward reporting, pointed debates, trending hashtags, and engaging mix of stories.

It offers maximum news and continues to lead.

NewsX is the Winner of the prestigious ‘News Channel of the Year’ Award at ENBA

About ITV Network Group

Our Vision

To empower people through information and influence lives positively…

Our Values

To practice integrity by acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest, while being Independent and neutral in our editorial policy.

To respect all internal and external stakeholders while listening to multiplicity of voices and value cultural diversity and differences.

To nurture ideas and dreams that spawn evolutionary and revolutionary innovations, and realizing them through judicious risk-taking.

To help protect the environment and scarce resources by practicing and propagating environmentally sustainable practices and causes.

To grow profitably, consistently, ethically & honestly.

ITV Network is India’s fastest growing news network, with two national news channels, four regional news channels, two newspapers and various digital assets. It employs more than 2025 people across 25 bureaus/offices and has more than 106 live video sources. The Network has a cumulative reach of more than 100 million viewers and readers on a regular basis.