Shanghai on high alert after 18% jump in COVID cases in a day

27 March, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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Shanghai in China records 2,676 new cases on Saturday

Shanghai in China records 2,676 new cases on Saturday. The city with 25 million people has become China’s Covid-19 hotspot which is now catching up with the north- eastern province of Jilin.

To further secure its boundaries, authorities have announced a complete lockdown in the city. Shanghai is a global shipping hub. The authorities, therefore, is stressing over the impact caused in the economy after this restriction.

The Chief Epidemiologist China, Wu Zunyou at China‚Äôs Center for Disease Control said, “Only by implementing dynamic zero-COVID we will be able to eliminate the epidemic’s hidden hazards, avoid a medical resource shortage caused by wide-scale infections, and prevent a high number of deaths among the elderly and those with underlying illnesses.”

Shanghai since Saturday is in high alert after reporting an increase in 18 % Covid-19 cases in a day.