A glance at how Soma Breath techniques enhance business growth for entrepreneurs

15 June, 2021 | newsx bureau

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From being a pharmacist to an entrepreneur, Mr. Niraj Naik walked a long way to build this multi-purpose platform that supports not only thousands practitioners, but also hundreds of entrepreneurs ...

Explosive business growth is what every entrepreneur dreams of– but only a handful can bring this to reality. Mr Niraj Naik is the founder of a breathing school called “Soma Breath” which uses a combination of various breathing techniques based on Pranayama combined with music, dance, and meditation. Soma Breathwork is a global, holistic school and community on a mission to spread awareness among the people with their knowledge, tools, and techniques to make positive changes in their lives.

From being a pharmacist to an entrepreneur, Mr Niraj Naik walked a long way to build this multi-purpose platform that supports not only thousands of practitioners but also hundreds of entrepreneurs – instructors who are teaching techniques under the Soma Breath brand. One of Soma Breath’s biggest key factor of his success is that the breathing techniques taught in Soma Breathwork are core Pranayama sequences with modern scientific tactics. Strong scientific evidence suggests the positive impact those techniques have on physical and mental health. Mr Naik enhanced the powerful ancient techniques with his own music which carries the rhythm of each breathwork meditation. Soma Breath focuses on empowering its instructors around the world with these powerful methods. Instructors, in their turn, have the skills to build a personalized plan to meet the individual goals of their clients, be it improved performance, reducing stress or overcoming health challenges.

SOMA Breath was established in 2016, and Mr Naik believed in teamwork from the beginning. So, intending to positively affect as many people’s lives as possible, Mr Niraj Naik wanted everyone to have an equal opportunity to make an impact. The consequence of this is that any person can become an instructor in Soma Breath. Today, Soma Breath has over 1100 instructors around the world. From Brazil to Europe and Asia, instructors conduct breathing workshops to open more people up to the benefits of breathing practice. A direct consequence of the training is that thousands of Soma Breath members have reported total life transformation, both physically and mentally. Mr Naik is also ready to share his journey and discoveries with the world so that others could become empowered to reclaim their own wellness.

We wish Mr Niraj Naik good luck with his venture. May your business prosper in the years to come!