“Had no inkling of body parts kept in house,” Aaftab’s ‘new girlfriend’

30 November, 2022 | Vaishali Sharma

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Aaftab's most recent girlfriend stated that she had no idea human body parts were stored inside Aaftab's Chhatarpur apartment when she visited twice after the murder.

In another twist in the Shraddha murder case, Aaftab’s most recent girlfriend expressed amazement after learning of his heinous crime and stated that she had no idea human body parts were stored inside Aaftab’s Chhatarpur apartment when she visited twice after the murder. She also mentioned that Aaftab had given her a ring.

According to her, Aftab gave her a gorgeous fake ring on October 12. According to accounts, this ring belonged to Shraddha.

The ring was recovered from Aaftab’s new companion, and her statement was recorded.
According to sources, Aaftab’s partner is a psychiatrist.

As per a statement given to the police, this friend informed that she had come to Aftab’s flat twice in the month of October, but she had no inkling of Shraddha’s murder or about the presence of human body parts in the house. Aftab never looked scared, she said. She also informed that he often used to tell her about his Mumbai home.

Aaftab and his new girlfriend came in contact through an online dating app.

As per police, Aftab was in contact with about 15 to 20 girls through different dating sites.

During the course of the investigation, the police traced his Bumble app record and found out about a girl who had come in contact with Aftab through the app on May 30, about 12 days after Shraddha’s murder.

Aftab’s psychiatrist friend stated that his behaviour appeared normal, even compassionate, and that she never had the impression that his mental condition was not ideal. She further stated that Aftab had a large variety of deodorants and fragrances and that he frequently gave her perfume as a present.

According to her, Aaftab used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and roll his own cigarettes, but he often talked about quitting smoking soon.

She also stated that Aftab enjoyed a variety of foods and frequently ordered non-vegetarian items from various restaurants at home, as well as expressing his interest in how the chefs decorate the food in the restaurant.

According to police sources, Aaftab’s new partner is receiving counselling after being discovered to be in shock following the disclosure of the contents of the Shraddha murder case.