Actor Akshay Tanksale utters consistency is new form of work

24 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Akshay Tanksale Entertainment

Actor Akshay Tanksale believes that hard work and consistency makes one achieve success. He advises everyone to just focus on what they do and give their best, no matter what hurdles come their way.

Actor Akshay Tanksale says that during the period of lockdown also his work was coming on online platforms continuously, it did not make him harm in anyway as he was coming in front of people from one or the other work which he had did before lockdown and was releasing on online platforms ,

He thinks that his work in movie like ‘Ashleel Udyog Mitra Mandal’ did connect to youth in his character named “Flexi “, which relates to the young adult. His movies like “class of 83” in which he did a great cameo of character named “Shetty”, which was released in lockdown period in Netflix Original, got a huge response by audience and loved the work of Akshay in it .

Only it dose not stop here his work started coming continuously in film like “AB & CD” which was released just before the period of lockdown and also came on platforms like Amazon Prime during lockdown. This film starred Amitabh Bachchan in it, with rest all good actors in it . Furthermore, films like “Gatmat”, which give good response on YouTube and Amazon Prime  and the web series like “Idiot box” also won many hearts of audiences during the period of lockdown.

Therefore, we can say Akshay was entertaining audience with his good acting skills in many different ways during the lockdown as well. Basta, which was released on OTT platforms and on satellite platforms, also received a huge response by audience. Akshay’s work was loved by a lot of people and garnered best wishes.

Immediately after lockdown, his work mode resumed again and he started working on movies like “Dil Dosti Dunyadari”, Mushak “ which is a single character based film. He would also be featuring in “Gf -bf “, which is a rom com movie. In the film, he plays a very interesting role with a bit grey-shaded character.

Another good news is that he will also be seen playing a good character role in the upcoming Bollywood movie “Rashmi Rocket “ staring Taapsee pannu. His upcoming movies, which are going to go on floors soon, include “Yerwada Returns” and “Ambat Shoukin”.

Akshay believes that doing work with hard work and keeping continuity will make you receive the success soon. No matter what hurdles comes your way, you should just focus on what you do and give your best.