Actor-Producer-Singer Raghu Bhatia, The Self Made Man In The Hindi Film Industry Who Has Proved His Talent

16 April, 2021 | newsx bureau

Raghu Bhatia Entertainment

Raghu Bhatia got his first big break in a serial on Channel V titled Suvreen Guggal. Post which, he went on to direct a movie called 'Jaane Kyun De Yaaron' and produced songs with talented singers ...

Coming from a humble background, actor-producer-singer Raghu Bhatia has lived a wholesome journey where he has got to fulfill all his dreams and wishes in life. Raghu Bhatia changed his name to Raghuraja Bhatia to improve his luck in the movies. Raghu Bhatia has worked hard to achieve what he has but it was a long bumpy ride where he had to struggle but he was talented enough to sail through it all and reach the top. Raghu Bhatia knew his calling for acting at a very young age of 7. That’s the age when kids are usually pondering upon which ice-cream flavors to choose but this boy was different. He had a vision and an ambition to follow. He participated in a lot of drama competitions and theatre. Later at the age of 19, he decided to move out to pursue his dream career to become an actor.

While moving out, there was a difference in opinions between Raghu Bhatia and his father because he was concerned that his son will not be able to realize his dreams as it is so competitive out there and this was not the most conventional career choice. At last, Raghu’s father supported Raghu and allowed him to move to Bombay. Little did he know, his son was so talented that he got his first big break in a serial on Channel V called Suvreen Guggal. As astounding as that mind sound, but it’s the truth that the actor Raghuraja Bhatia got this job only after 5 auditions. This is where his true talent of acting was appreciated by all. He worked with talented actors like Akshay Anand, Shivin Narang, Smriti Kalra, Mohit Malik, and many more. This went on for 2 years until Raghu Bhatia had to go back to Delhi for his mother’s health issues.

The response from the serial made him popular enough which pushed Raghu Bhatia to take an even challenging role in the future and that was producing a film. He had an idea and a cast in mind. He got his ex-colleague, actor Akshay Anand on board for directing the movie called ‘Jaane Kyun De Yaaron’. He showed the script to veteran actor Kabir Bedi for the lead role and he just loved the story of the film and immediately got ready to be on board. The film had a young cast of actors like Chetna Pandey, Viju Khote, and Raghu Bhatia himself. The movie also had a lot of exciting songs. He wanted to include his musical talent in the movie which is why he made it a point to include great music in the movie.

Singer Raghu Bhatia joined hands with Arijit Singh to produce music together. He also had other talented singers like Mamta Sharma on board. The song ‘Ae Raja’ broke the charts by receiving 1.6 million views on YouTube. Arijit Singh gave soulful composition in the movie with a song called ‘Meri Tanhaion Mein’ which helped the movie win a lot of hearts. The digital rights of this movie are currently held by Amazon Prime and the music rights are sold to T-series.

Raghu Bhatia has proved him over and over by his successes in not just acting but also singing and producing. Not just himself but now he has a family member working in the industry. His niece, Amreen Malhotra has been featured in a tv commercial in lifebuoy company not once but twice and she has done other digital ads as well. She also has a great Instagram following and it’s clear where she gets her looks and talent from. You can find her on Instagram as ‘@princessamreenmalhotra’.

Raghu Bhatia started this journey with a lot of objection and midway also, people were trying to pull him down but the actor did not let go of his dedication and ambition which is why he has reached where he is today and this speaks about his passion. He always ends his interviews by saying thanks to all the people who supported him on the way and never gave up on him.

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