Aftab admits in court to murdering Shraddha in “heat of the moment”

22 November, 2022 | Vaishali Sharma

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Aftab Amin Poonawala, the accused in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, told a Delhi court on Tuesday that he murdered his partner in the "heat of the moment."

Aftab Amin Poonawala, the accused in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, told a Delhi court on Tuesday that he murdered his partner in the “heat of the moment.”

Aftab Poonawala’s police detention was extended by the Saket court today for four more days after he appeared in court through video conference in a special hearing. After his five-day police detention concluded, Aaftab was brought before the Saket court in Delhi.

“What happened happened in the heat of the moment,” Aaftab testified in court.

Aaftab also stated that he is helping with the probe. He also informed the court that he is having trouble recalling the incident.

In May of this year, the accused reportedly strangled and then sliced to pieces the body of his live-in lover Shraddha Walker.

The Delhi Police has also requested permission from a lower court to perform a polygraph test on Poonawala.

Poonawala, who admitted to murdering his live-in spouse and slicing her body into 35 pieces, was previously accused of giving deceptive replies to police.

Saket Court Metropolitan Magistrate Aviral Shukla transferred the case to Magistrate Vijayshree Rathore, who granted permission for Aftab to undergo a narco analysis test.

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday dismissed with cost a Publicity Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking transfer of investigation in the Shraddha murder case from Delhi Police to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The Bench of Justice Satish Chander Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad on Tuesday said we find not a single good reason to entertain this plea. The Court also said that “This is a kind of Publicity Interest Litigation as the deceased parents have no grievance against Delhi Police investigation but you have.”
The court also remarked that “We are not an investigation monitoring agency.”

The Court was also informed that the Delhi Police’s 80 per cent investigation is complete and a team of 200 police officials led by the Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) rank officers are handling the investigation.

According to Advocate Joginder Tulli (Retd IPS), who appeared for the petitioner, the investigation by Delhi Police in this case cannot be carried out efficiently due to administrative/staff shortages as well as a lack of sufficient technical and scientific equipment to find out the evidence and the witness because the incident occurred about six months ago.

Aftab and Shraddha met on a dating website and then moved in together in Chhatarpur in a leased apartment. On November 10, Delhi police got a complaint from Shraddha’s father and filed an FIR.

Interrogation by Delhi Police showed that Aftab Poonawala murdered Shraddha on May 18 and then began plotting to dispose of her remains. He informed authorities that he had studied human anatomy in order to assist him in slicing off the body.

According to police, Aftab cleaned blood stains from the floor with chemicals and disposed of ruined garments after conducting a Google shopping mode search. He moved the body into the bathroom and went to a neighbouring store to buy a refrigerator.

He later sliced the body into little pieces and placed it in the fridge.

In the meantime, a Delhi court has ordered the Rohini Forensic Science Lab to conduct a narcotics test on accused Aftab Poonawala within five days.