Agnipath protests: Section 144 in imposed in Haryana’s Narnaul and Palwal district, Internet ban in Ballabgarh

17 June, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

Haryana's agitation against the Centre's Agnipath programme continues for the second day in a row

Haryana’s agitation against the Centre’s Agnipath programme continues for the second day in a row. On Friday, protests erupted at Hero Honda Chowk in Haryana’s Mahendragarh district’s Narnaul.

Police in Narnaul had to drive the protesters away and detain a few of them. Protesters vandalized police barricades placed on Narnaul’s roadways, prompting the implementation of Section 144, which prohibits gatherings of more than four people in the region.

The state government issued prohibitory orders in Palwal on Thursday, while internet connections were blocked in Faridabad district’s Ballabgarh.

“We’re attempting to appease them. They are in violation of Section 144 CrPC, which has been enforced in this jurisdiction “stated Narender Kumar, the Deputy Superintendent of Police in Narnaul.

Following this, police officers stationed at the DC home in Palwal used overhead fire to caution demonstrators pelting stones at the property.

Numerous police vehicles were set on fire, several highway buses were damaged by stone-pelting, and National Highway 19 was closed. To subdue the mob in Palwal, the police deployed tear gas shells and shot into the air.

Violent protests against the Agnipath plan are taking place in Bihar and Telangana.

Protesters allegedly stormed the homes of Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi and Bihar BJP president and West Champaran MP Sanjay Jaiswal earlier today.

Today, railway traffic was halted in numerous states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Telangana, and train carriages were set on fire.

The government recently introduced the Agnipath Scheme in an effort to reform the recruiting procedure for the Armed Forces. With the new military recruitment programme facing opposition, the Centre has decided to modify the maximum age restriction for recruiting Agniveers.

Centre declared on June 16, 2022, that the Agniveer upper age restriction for recruitments via the Agnipath Scheme has been raised to 23 years from 21 years, as a one-time waiver.

However, cabinet authorized an appealing recruitment programme for Indian youngsters to enlist in the Armed Forces on June 14.

Agnipath is the name of the programme, and the youngsters who participate in it are known as Agniveers. Agnipath enables patriotic and determined youngsters to  serve in the Armed Forces for a period of four years.