Ajanta Mahapatra juggles a corporate job and quenches her wanderlust – all while wearing a saree

2 January, 2021 | newsx bureau

Ajanta Mahapatra was born in Orissa and always accompanied her father in his travels while he worked for the Archeological Survey of India. She has traveled to more than 68 countries, and still wan...

Born in Orissa, raised in Assam, Ajanta Mahapatra (@thetravellingsaree) has always been a traveler at heart. She accompanied her father during his travels across the country while he worked for the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Every summer vacation would be spent traversing the Seven Sisters. These adventures slowly developed her love and joy for traveling. She’s ambitious, aspiring, and a free bird!

Today, she resides in New Jersey, working as a corporate professional. But no matter how demanding work is, she ensures to enjoy the fruits of her tireless labor! She refuses to compromise on her passion and always strikes the right balance between work and play. Such multi-talented individuals are so rare! Ajanta Mahapatra confesses that while she truly loves globe-trotting, she never wishes to make travelling her profession; she has always wanted to keep her passion and her profession apart from each other.

In 2017, a friend suggested that she try wearing a saree while traveling. She found the outfit rather comfortable and realized the true convenience this indigenous piece of clothing could provide. She found it comfortable enough to hike in! Soon, this outfit has become her traveling attire. Her simple decision has left the internet awestruck; her fans and followers are inspired to do the same. A role model for women across the country, she passionately explores the world and inspires other women to do the same. She is the prime example of how women can earn, follow their passion, and motivate others to follow unconventional paths to happiness! Her incorporation of traditional attire has also caught the eye of several other tourists who often walk up to her and greet her with “Namaste!” In a way, she takes a bit of her country along with her wherever she goes. Several saree brands have reached out to her and praised her act as well!

No matter where she plans to travel, her preparations are always up to the mark! She has traveled to more than 68 countries, and still wants to travel more. Her finances, safety as well as flexible work schedule are all accounted for before she sets flight to exotic lands. She always ensures to have enough money to please her independence and take time off work! Her extensive planning, itineraries as well as well-maintained finances help her feel empowered and mentally secure!

Of course, there are barriers and difficulties in exploring foreign lands. Her hurdles emerged within trivial habits and customs: For instance, Ajanta Mahapatra has admitted that her choices in food are rather narrowed down since she is a vegetarian. It is often difficult to arrange for her meals as well as acquire the right choices of food she needs. Language barriers also pose to be another hurdle while traveling across countries. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” she proudly exclaims, claiming these hurdles and growing past them, ensuring that they never deter her from enjoying the endless wonders hidden in the various corners of the world.

A unique, inspiring, and passionate globe-trotter, Ajanta Mahapatra travels the world draped in nine yards of pure elegance.