Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ajit Kumar is inspiring all Indian entrepreneurs to engage in social work

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Numerous individuals come from modest communities to large urban areas looking for better freedoms and with a desire to become showbiz royalty in their lives. Furthermore, as a rule, the lone thing that they have by there when they begin in these large urban areas is – skill and resilience. Those who keep these two things unshaken often find a way to become successful. Many Indian entrepreneurs came from modest communities and have flipped their life completely. One such name in the Indian entrepreneurial world is Ajit Kumar.

Ajit Kumar is a renowned name in the digital media world. Born on 5th November 1990 in the district of Sitamarhi, Bihar, Ajit has risen through some of the worst challenges in life. As a child, he was full of confidence and optimism. He was a good student in his high school days. Despite failing twice in the HSC exams, he will change the situation. He passed with excellent marks on the third try which gave a boost to his self-confidence. Though his financial condition was not good, he was able to convince his parents for enrolling him in an engineering course. He got admitted to a good engineering institute in Hyderabad but didn’t pursue the course for long.

Soon, he lost interest in engineering and quit his education. The main cause behind him quitting engineering was the fact that he had a desire to something good for his village and improve the scenario. All he required for that was a good job and career in it. The first step in the process was to get a decent job. It was the year 2009 when he saw the advertisement for an animated film. It sparked an interest in him for animation and he started to think of it as a good career opportunity. To pursue animation, he left his hometown and family and came to Delhi. Through some assistance from his sister, Ajit was successful in getting enrolled in a renowned animation institute. But even his interest in animation couldn’t last long. A few months later he began realizing there was not much to in animation, it had no scope.

BThat is why he decided to work part-time and began learning website designing and development. In 2010, he successfully set up his own company King Digital Private Limited. 2014 was a great year for him as it was the year when the present ruling party of India, the BJP, partnered with him for their digital media work. He likewise played a key role in their campaigns. Since then, he has worked with some big names in Indian politics such as Aam Aadmi Party, RGD, and several local parties alike. His list of clients also includes names such as the State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, DLF, Amul, Delhi University, and AIIMS. He also works with the Government of Bihar.

Ajit is determined to train 100 individuals every year and help them secure jobs in the field of IT. To achieve this goal, he has already started working since the lockdown imposed in the past year. There are very few self-made entrepreneurs who truly believe in giving back to the community. Ajit is surely one of them and it’s pride to have him among us.

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