Aman Gupta: The Founder & CEO of Growth Agency shares the importance of Social Media Growth

30 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Aman Gupta, a 20-year-old digital and online marketing entrepreneur runs his own full-service PR and digital business called Growth Agency. Aman Gupta lays out a few important reasons explaining...

Year after year, we only see the rise of the digital media world as a whole and also the many youngsters who have increasingly become a part of this space with the aim to create milestones in the same. Many youngsters have come to the forefront of this industry and are trying to make it huge in their careers with the newness they bring to the table to optimize the innumerable resources in the digital world and provide maximum benefits to their clients through digital entrepreneurship. Aman Gupta is one such young entrepreneur, who manages several hats on his head being a successful digital marketer, celebrity manager, youtube marketer, and PR specialist. He is already one of the youngest digital entrepreneurs of India and is the CEO of ‘Growth Agency’ that is rising to the top as a full-service digital and PR agency.

Today, we caught hold of this young business personality to learn about the importance of social media growth and PR. Aman Gupta lays out a few important reasons explaining why social media growth is important.

• Getting more visibility: Who doesn’t want to get known in their respective niche, working upon strategies and plans on social media accounts can help people to gain more visibility across the platform, which in turn helps them in becoming more known in their field.

  • Earning more qualified leads: Through various upbeat and relevant marketing campaigns, digital entrepreneurs help their clients in offering their best to their target audiences. By being specific, Aman Gupta points out that potential customers can turn into buyers. Hence, marketing through social media platforms is a necessity today for brands and businesses to earn their qualified leads.
  • Growing the brand reputation: Everyone wants to get associated or buy from brands that are well-known and respected in their niche. With the right mix of marketing campaigns and plans for increasing the reach of the clients, brand reputation gets better, which, in turn, helps clients trust the brand more and buy from them more.
  • Building a community: It is essential for companies to make sure they use social media for building a community around their business. Clients must encourage their customers to leave all kinds of feedback, both positive and negative, get into more interactions with the brand, and engage with them more. By facilitating these discussions, brands can build more positive relations with their present and potential buyers.Speaking about the rise of social media platforms and the importance of PR as well, Aman Gupta says,” Well, the way the digital world has seen growth in the past few years, I can confidently say that most of the businesses in the world are resorting to the medium for growing their brand and what better way than social media platforms today, which are not just social but more importantly marketing platforms.” Further adding about PR, Aman Gupta says, that PR is equally important while considering the growth of a brand, business, or individual. He says that through the right mediums, PR professionals can pass on and spread the right message to people, in turn, helping the client gain massive momentum in their field and earn great recognition as well.