Amid tensions with India, China amps up export of armed drones; Pakistan among top customers

27 December, 2020 | newsx bureau

China helping Pakistan in empowering defense World

China empowering Pakistan's defense, supplying drones to 11 countries including Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. In an article, the Chinese media wrote that this supply will be a nightmare f...

China retaining its positions as leading global arms suppliers, sold 50 Wing Loong II armed drone supplies by Beijing to Pakistan. In an article, the Chinese media wrote that this supply will be a nightmare for India. China being a global importer, also exporting a whole bunch of assault rifles, ammunition, fighter planes, and even submarines. According to the first SIPRI report, China emerged as the world’s fifth-largest arms exporter in 2015–19 and accounted for 5.5 per cent of total arms exports.

With reference to this, the Chinese media report said that these drones would be a headache for the Indian ground formations in the high-altitude areas as the Indian military does not have the ability to respond to the new age stand-off weaponry. Besides this, a new research reports by the experts of the University of Pennsylvania and Texas A&M University which was published by Foreign Affairs, revealed that 18 countries obtained armed drones from 2011 to 2019. Out of which, eleven of these countries bought the drones especially from China.

For the uninformed, before 2011, only three countries possessed drones, The United states, The United Kingdom and Israel. Since 2011, China has dominated the export market for Unarmed Aerial Vehicles. The countries that had acquired armed drones include Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Uzbekistan, among others.

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The Chinese media confessed that Chinese and Turkish drones played the prime role in Syria and Libya and had destroyed enemy defenses. According to intelligence inputs, Pakistan is getting at least four latest versions of Chinese armed drones for protection of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Besides this, China is also supplying Pakistan with eight new conventional (diesel) submarines. The two countries jointly manufacture the JF-17 fighter planes and Pakistan receives Chinese assault rifles.

While on the other hand, The United States, just supplied drones to France during the same period, while US is in negotiations with India to sell armed predator drones. When it comes to India’s neighborhood, China supplies weapons to all countries, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Apparently, the relevance of the research paper is that as soon as China entered into the market, the non-democracies enjoyed the privilege to pursue armed forces than the democratic countries.

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