“On one side is BJP’s double-engine govt, on the other Congress’ reverse gear govt”: Amit Shah

25 April, 2023 | Pragati Singh

Amit Shah National

BJP banned the Popular Front of India (PFI), which was responsible for recurrent violence in the state.

Union Minister Amit Shah remarked on Tuesday that although the Bharatiya Janata Party government is a “double-engine” government, the Congress party is a “reverse-gear” government.

He urged the people not to entrust the administration of the state to a government that is a “hindrance” to growth. Amit Shah stated at a public gathering in Devara Hippargi, Vijayapura, “On one hand there is PM Modi and CM Basavaraj Bommai’s ‘double-engine’ government and on the other hand, there’s Congress’ ‘reverse gear’ govt. They (Congress) drive in reverse gear”.

“Whatever, development the BJP government does, Congress with its ‘reverse gear’ brings the situation back to square one, wherever BJP Govt works,” he added.

He also chastised Congress for promising to restore a 4% Muslim reservation in the state.

“We did a major change in reservation. They (Congress) started creating an uproar and said this is unfair. I want to ask, why should the reservation be given on the basis of religion? The Constitution doesn’t allow reservation on a religious basis, but Congress just for their vote bank gave 4 per cent reservation to Muslims. Now, the BJP government has scrapped it and given it instead to Lingayat, Vokkaligas and other communities,” the Home Minister said.

He added, “Congress says that if it comes to power, it will again give back the reservation to Muslims, and take it away from Lingayats, Vokkaligas, and SC/ST. But don’t worry, neither will Congress come to power nor will they be able to do so”.

According to the former BJP president, the BJP banned the Popular Front of India (PFI), which was responsible for recurrent violence in the state.

“We banned PFI, who used to carry out a spate of violence in the state. When Siddaramaiah was the CM, he released them all. But, once we came to power, we picked each one of them and put them back in jail. This ‘reverse gear’ government says that if they come to power, they will revoke the ban on PFI. This is a warning bell for the whole of Karnataka,” Amit Shah further said.

He added, “Congress was encouraging PFI just for vote-bank politics. But, I would like to assure everyone that there is no need to worry, and this won’t happen. Under PM Modi, Karnataka’s security will remain as it is”.

Amit Shah further urged people to let the ‘Lotus’ bloom in the state for the benefit of the people, Karnataka, and the country.

“On one side there is Congress, which has always been insulting Lingayats. On the other side, there is JDS, just for becoming the Chief Minister, last time they sat in Congress’s lap. Voting for JD(S) means voting for Congress and voting for Congress means lifting the ban on PFI,” he said.

The BJP gained 104 seats in the 2018 Assembly elections, becoming the single largest party, while the Congress and JD(S) received 78 and 37 seats, respectively. The 224-member Karnataka legislative assembly’s tenure is slated to expire on May 24. Karnataka will vote on May 10, and the results will be announced on May 13.

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