Amit Shah reaches Bihar to commemorate the birth anniversary of Veer Kunwar Singh

23 April, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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To make the event historic, BJP members want to get people from 12 districts together and organise a collective waving of 75,000 national flags.

On April 23, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will attend a function in Jagdishpur, Bihar’s Bhojpur district, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Veer Kunwar Singh, one of the great heroes of the 1857 fight against British authority.

It is second such event, following the commemoration of Mauryan dynasty emperor Ashoka, with the goal of reviving the old splendour and educating the next generation about the contributions and heroic actions of the sons of the soil. The Bihar government then announced that Ashok’s birth anniversary will be commemorated as a state occasion.

To make the event historic, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activists want to bring together people from 12 districts and organise a collective waving of 75,000 national flags. “The event will be registered in Guinness World Records,” BJP Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Thakur stated.

Kunwar Singh’s birth anniversary, according to BJP state president Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal, will be a non-political celebration. The purpose of the massive event is to educate future generations about Veer Kunwar Singh’s efforts, since he fought 15 times against the British Raj at the age of 80. When one of the bullets struck Singh’s left wrist, he realised his hand had become unusable and that the bullet posed a risk of infection. He got his sword and, according to Jaiswal, hacked off his left hand near the elbow and presented it to the Ganga.

The function is widely regarded as the BJP’s attempt to broaden its horizons in the name of nationalism. Following its triumph in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP has turned its attention to Bihar with renewed vigour, with the goal of showing its organisational skills by staging a magnificent celebration of Kunwar Singh’s birth anniversary. According to Pramod Kumar, a political expert, it will also help the BJP send a message about the party’s expanding strength in the state.