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An Honourable corporator Mr.Vasant Borate’s remarkable work to financial support the needy for their daughters marriage and cremation ceremony

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Moshi: People in Pimpri Chinchwad are talking about the Mr Vasant Borate and his generosity that set an example for the next generation to help the needy as he followed the same past 12-13 years. He believes in following this culture and giving helping hand to keep humanity intact and awake.

The existing corporator Mr.Vasant Borate helped people financially with 25000rs for marriages and 10000 for the cremation of people past a decade. He follows the culture of humanity by helping people. His intension behind helping people is not only helping them financially but support them morally by making the last journey to heaven of their loved ones who passed to be in a better way.

Mr.Borate and family is always active to help the area progress,they do all necessary things for the development and upliftment of the society.He willingly completes his responsibilities as a corporator as he is aware that he has been elected by the people with faith.

When he was first elected as a corporator in 2017 he took the responsibility of completing the pending work of the crematorium and completed it successfully.He also built a spacious place for having their meetings there. Apart from this the financial help that he gives as a support for people is an inspiration for young generation.

Today the drastic development of Pimpri Chinchwad has proved as an idol for the whole country.The city management, commencement of new projects and the development through various technologies has given rise to commercial as well as residential settlements in it.

If there are good facilities and healthy environment it’s obvious that population will increase,hence such residential grounds should have a good representative to handle and resolve their issues.Hence the Corporator and the municipality provide people with facilities there.The people of those areas mention that their Corporator Mr.Vasant Borate is successful running the administration smoothly.

Mr.Vasant Borate not only help people financially but also have new improvement plans one after other which reliefs the residents.In the Pandemic of Corona, He helped people through various mediums such as creating awareness among People, distribution of sanitizer,mask and food.He also raised Covid centres for people and treated lakhs of covid patients.

The major issues in the division faced by the citizens are of roads,water, health education, traffic issues,the only leader to lead to solve such issues is Mr Vasant Borate. Under the guidance of our beloved MLA Honourable Mr Mahesh Dada Landge many development programmes are proposed and will be implemented in the near future.

From the desk of Mr.Vasant Borate.

With the guidance of my uncle Mr.Babanrao Borate and father Mr. Prabhakar Borate,We help the Bride’s family with financial support and also help the people for their cremation with finance.I feel it is our duty and responsibility to help people in their bad times.We feel satisfied by doing so.For this satisfaction of helping others encourage me to do my work with more devotion and I will keep my work intact.I will help them whenever needed and whatever possible as it’s a noble task I feel.

Vasant Borate
Pimpri Chinchwad MNP

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