Andhra Pradesh’s success model shows other states how to tackle Covid-19 testing, tracing and tackling

17 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

Jagan Mohan Reddy National

Andhra Pradesh has handled the global pandemic being readily prepared and with adequate resources. Much of the credit goes to their aware citizens and medical facilities. The state has shown even b...

While most of the appreciation that was in store went to Kerala for the way the communist regime has dealt with the outbreak of Covid-19 in the state , another South Indian state silently went about its business, the state of Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The state has topped the test per million charts for months now. From having 0 testing labs in March to having the most number of Government run labs as on date (52) with one of the lowest positivity rates in the country at 1.18% , one would have to say that the state has come a long long way. The positivity rate of India stands at 5.82 % .

It is important to note that the recovery rate of AP stands at 51.49 % as compared to Kerala’s 47.05%. AP has conducted 11,207 tests per million while Kerala has tested 4364 people per million and the nationally the figure is limited to 4387 tests per million.

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Apart from testing on war footing and ramping up the medial infrastructure in the state, other key aspects that worked for the state government in the war against Covid-19 are the following :

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THE VILLAGE VOLUNTEER SYSTEM: Call it foresightedness or negligible occurrence, the solid 4.5 lakh volunteer, more than 11000 town/ward secretariats arrangement by Jagan Mohan Reddy directly before the Corona flare-up struck India ended up being a gift for the state. The volunteer framework completed 4 periods of door-to-door overviews which ended up being instrumental in controlling the spread. This framework allotted 50 houses to each volunteer. In the first phase, more than 10000 foreign returnees far beyond the GOI records were traced by the volunteers. During the subsequent stage, residents with manifestations independent of movement history were traced from across the state. The third and the fourth periods of the study focussed on following the vulnerable class, i.e those with co-morbidities, senior residents and so on. This study brought about the state tracing more than 32000 people who were then tested to ensure their wellbeing.

The volunteer framework likewise helped the Government execute some other key capacities during the lockdown. From disseminating apportion to a one time money related help to circulation of benefits when required most, the volunteer system ended up being the foundation of the liberation framework.

ANMs and ASHA workers : To offer credit to volunteers without referencing about ANMs and ASHA laborers who worked eagerly alongside the volunteers would be unfair . Once the remote returnees/people with Influenza like manifestations were followed by means of the door-to-door overviews, a medical worker was given the duty to routinely monitor the health of each one of these people. Sometimes, the health worker was made responsible for screening people who showed manifestations to guarantee that they don’t break the home isolate standards.

Innovation: When social separating should have been the new typical, innovation must be the ace in the hole for the specialists. Andhra Pradesh was the first to utilize mobile phone tower signs to guarantee that those in Home Quarantine didn’t mock the standards presenting others to the infection. The individual leaving the base area would’ve mean an alert being raised at the locale level and afterward the state level. Aside from this, a comparable device to follow all the spots that a +ve persistent visited 14 days preceding testing positive was additionally used to improve the contact following framework. Each one of the 4.5 lakh volunteers utilized a mobile application to constantly update the wellbeing specialists as and when a resident with manifestations/travel history was distinguished.

MEDICAL FACILITIES: While the clinical framework at first was what represented a gigantic test to the state as they needed to rely upon labs in Pune and Hyderabad to get tests tried, from having 0 ability to testing more than 15,000 out of a day with 52 government labs positioned across the state, the foundation has come a long way. The state currently has 4 Critical Care hispitals , 1 Covid-19 district hospital in each diatrict and 5 additional medical medical facilities in every one of the regions ( government + private) obliging Covid cases. To guarantee that the state is propped any such occurrences later on, the Honorable CM additionally declared that the administration would patch up all administration clinical framework in the state by spending more than 16,000 crores which included both redoing of old facilities just as building new ones where required.

Note that the state’s dynamic viewpoint towards the destigmatization was constantly commended by the Union Government among other. Not exclusively was the CM the first to state ‘ We ought to figure out how to live with Corona ‘ however the state has likewise made noteworthy strides towards making the equivalent a reality. The Government declared that any individual who completed the obligatory multi day isolate period will be given a whole of 2,000 to make up for money misfortune during this period. It has likewise taken up broad showcasing projects to guarantee that the disgrace around Covid suspects is dispensed with. Remarkably, the specialists and police faculty were broadened their due pay rates in time all through.

MIGRANT LABOUR ISSUE: The issue or enduring of Migrant Laborers the nation over moved each and every resident in the nation. It ought to be noticed that Andhra Pradesh was the principal state to declare that the state will bare the costs of the movement charges of Migrant workers , both those leaving AP to their particular home states and those having a place with AP returning if need be. This was when different states were seen gathering ticket levies. Aside from this, the state arrangement taking care of offices in NH’s , each 50 kms. Those vagrant workers who started from different states like Telangana and needed to cross AP to get to their destination were additionally rescued, taken care of and simulateously course of action for their transport were made by the state government. With regards to this specific issue, one would need to state that none beats AP.

Finally, one would need to state that Andhra Pradesh has obviously started to lead the pack in wording being the best state to handle the spread of Covid-19 in the nation, keeping in the brain the budgetary crunch that the state is confronting.

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