Anupam Kher talks about his fifth time working with Sooraj Barjatya

16 December, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

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The ‘Entertainer of 2022’ Anupam Kher talks about his latest movie 'Uunchai' on NewsX A-List Special Telecast.

The ‘Entertainer of 2022’ Anupam Kher talks about his latest movie ‘Uunchai’ on NewsX A-List Special Telecast.

While talking about his latest movie Uunchai, Anupam stated ‘It is very rare that what you narrate and what you make are the same. I was very humbled and moved by Sooraj’s passion because he was leaving his comfort zone and trying something new.’

He added that Uunchai director Sooraj Barjatya wanted to make this movie to beat his fear because during Covid people were always talking about their fear.

According to Anupam Kher, Sooraj Barjatya or Rajshree family has never veered from their beliefs in 75 years of filmmaking, making them the coolest family in Indian cinema.

‘They believe in kindness, they believe in hope, and they believe in traditional Indian values. I just wanted to be on set with him for 80 days, and the added bonus was that I was working with Mr. Bachchan, Neena, Boman, Sarika Ji, and Pareeniti, and in this unit. I have worked with this production controller in Saransh, my first movie’ stated Anupam Kher.

Remembering his mother’s review of his movie, Kher cited ‘She questioned how do Sooraj have this much intellect to produce such a fantastic picture.’

He further added ‘I will not be alone I am not named entertainer of the year next year; films will still be made and I will continue to love cinema. After 38 years, I can proudly say that this is the finest thing that has happened to me, so I believe that no fear of failure and optimism can estimate the competition.’

Anupam Kher showed excitement for his fifth film with Sooraj Barjatya and Rajshri Productions.

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