Are you stuck in the trap of Social Media addiction? Life coach Abhishek Gupta will help you have a digital detox

30 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Life coach Mr. Abhishek Gupta aims to help people take a leap of faith into enhanced productivity. A believer in deep learning and sustained growth, Abhishek Gupta created a niche for himself in th...

Based in Virginia, USA, Abhishek Gupta is a certified Meditation trainer and a Personal Excellence Coach. He helps professionals to achieve their highest potential on a massive scale. Let’s hear him to get rid of Social media addiction-

Chances are you have been able to pull away from staring at your Instagram screen for 3 hours straight before you landed on this article. It happens with the best of us, and no, it does not indicate a lack of striving to succeed in life as much as it does let you reflect on your self-control.

The many million apps available at the click of a button have successfully undone eons of evolutionary human focus and ingenuity. A severe distraction, social media has moved away from its preliminary aim to connect people and has now, instead, contributed to people staying aloof and indifferent

The Distraction that pulls you Down

Studies have found social media to be a key factor affecting workplace productivity. Alongside surfing the internet and fiddling with smartphones, social media happens to be one of the most potent workplace productivity killers. Half the office space employees are bound to agree as to how cellphones act as the biggest Distraction at work with our constant need to go online and check the latest trends and texts on social media platforms.

Ways to Combat this Distraction

  1. Limit your Usage – An adage that is always easier said than done holds incredibly strong when it comes to getting rid of our Social Media Obsession. But what are the tried and tested techniques that help us control our impulse to check the phone every 5 minutes?

#1. Web Blockers: Not only is the gala of interaction made possible through the internet extremely tempting, but it is also excruciatingly challenging to pull yourself away from the barrage of visual stimulus and get your head back in the game again.

The answer lies in activating web blockers during your work hours that effectively inhibit you from accessing or visiting specific sites on your device. It’s a good start to stop your mind from wandering off.

#2. No-Tech Zones: Start by designating specific areas within your home and workspace as a No-Tech zone – where technology in any form or shape is not allowed and made inaccessible to you and others. Cultivate the habit of keeping away your phone once you enter these zones. Your cubicle or corner office, your bedroom or dining area – all count as places where you need to be present at the moment with genuine human interactions abound.

This method helps you start small and move on to a broader and deeper level of self-control.

#3. The Phase of Detox: You started slow. Soon, you can progress into the stage of Social Media Fast – where you persistently stay away from all platforms that have, till now, taking up a significant chunk of your attention.

This is when you reset and reboot yourself by excluding your brain from all guilty pleasures of the internet. A week of detox from social media is a tough climb up the hill but worth it nonetheless. Start small and make this detox either a quarterly or monthly affair once you can reign in yourself from the impulse to check your notifications.

#4. Notification Setting – This counts as a significant blessing whether you start small or dive straight into a social media detox. The cue that leads us to invest our time into the complex maze of the internet is the gentle ‘tring’ of your device: more the pop-ups – more your Distraction.

Cut them out entirely or in the least limit them. If you are waiting for an important mail, leave your phone face down to keep you from being distracted by the lighted phone screen. Enable the Do Not Disturb setting the moment you step into the office.

#5. Mark your Usage – Although counter-productive in a way, many data-intensive apps help you detect your time spent on individual platforms throughout the day. If you cannot possibly downright delete all apps from your phone, you ought to start using these apps as a benchmark that aids your improvement and tracks it for you.

Allot yourself a window of indulgence and try your best not to go overboard the bar you’ve set for yourself.

Explore and Challenge Yourself – Make a return to a life of real human connections, full of productivity and vitality.

#1. Start Strong – Devise a morning routine for yourself that sets the mood of the day. Instead of checking your emails first thing in the morning, why not go for a run? Or brew a fresh cup of coffee? A few pages of Sartre, anyone? Feed your body and your soul when you wake up – instead of exposing it to the humdrum of scrolling through the internet blankly.

#2. Bring in the Real Clocks of Yore – Instead of using your device to wake you up, go back to the plain old alarm clock that requires you to move and switch it off. Devices – especially phones when used as alarms – will only serve to pull you in one app or the other.

#3. Set a Goal – Chart out your day and stick to it. Once you have started with a screen-free activity, move on to penning down your immediate thoughts and tasks that count as priorities for the rest of the day. Journaling is considered one amongst  most effective methods of productivity and social media detox by productivity experts throughout the world.

Write down your goal on a piece of paper and stick it where you can see it at all times – a firm reminder of your priority and commitment.

#4. Work on Yourself – Have you been putting off learning a new language? Or pick up some new tunes on the guitar? Switch your screen time with hobbies that go a long way into making you a person with a holistic outlook. Find something worthwhile to fill your time if you are at a loss how to entertain yourself at the end of a tiring day at work. Train your mind to engage in a hobby, to sustain at it, and master it.

#5. Reward Yourself – Earn your social media time. Give yourself incentives that push you further to stick to the schedule and work harder at developing more self-control. You can have 15 minutes of screen time as a reward for finishing up a list of tasks you set out with. The charges could range from office work to household chores. Have you cleaned the dishes? 5 minutes of Facebook. Had a quick run in the park? Post a story on Instagram. Be your taskmaster.

Mastering this daily diet will take time and sincerity. The trick is to not stop after a day or two but give yourself three weeks in the least till your mind and body adopts this routine like second nature. Revisit your goals each time you feel like giving up.

Now that you are done reading this – close the apps, put down the phone, and deep dive into your passion project.

About the author-

Life coach Mr. Abhishek Gupta aims to help people take a leap of faith into enhanced productivity. A believer in deep learning and sustained growth, Abhishek Gupta created a niche for himself in the world of self-help and public speaking. His accolades are a testament to the incredible life skills he helped people master. The lack of mentorship that hampers growth is why he started with online mentorship to mentor businesses & individuals worldwide for their faster growth.


A certified Hypnotherapist & an NLP Master Practitioner, Mr. Abhishek Gupta has graced several organizations as a guest speaker, featured in live shows on national TV channels, worked with many celebrity trainers, and has trained numerous professionals till date. His mentees include professionals from all industries like doctors, professors, managers,  politicians, scientists, lawyers, actors, and many more. He was awarded as the Best Life and Business coach in the year 2017 and as the Best Corporate Trainer in 2012. He is on a mission to transform 1 million people this year.

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